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The jGpibEnet project is a 100% pure JAVA driver for interfacing an Ethernet to IEEE-488( GPIB ) controller. Current supported controllers are the ICS 8065 and the Agilent E5810A.

To run the project download and run the jar file (java -jar jGpibEnet_V#_#.jar where #_# is the version number) .  The following gui will pop-up.

Test Program Main Gui

Simply select Controller Type, Ip Address of Gpib-Enet converter, and finally the Gpib Address of the instrument you wish to talk to.  Press open to establish a connection.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory with the exception of Auto Query.  Auto Query will look for a "?" in the Send String and if a "?" exists, it will immediately perform a read after the Send operation completed.  
Note: Auto Query looks for a "?" anywhere in the string so if you are sending literal text down (such as displaying a string on a scope's display) which contains a "?", you should not use this option.

This GUI is just a simple example of how to use this project.  For more documentation, the API can be seen here, or generated from source by typing ant javadoc.

Also, the summary page on sourceforge.net is here.

This software is a work in progress so feel free to post messages in the forums or send me an email about requests or bugs.

Many Thanks To:
ICS Electronics for incredible technical support as well as donating an 806
5 Ethernet-to-GPIB controller to this project.

The guys at RemoteTea (hosted on sourceforge.net) for writing and making available their java onc/rpc package.  Without which would have made this project much harder to complete.

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